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Код: 965611 Создано: 03-08-2020 07:31
Тип объявления:Продам, предлагаю - частное лицо
Категория:Работа за рубежом
Регион:Украина, Киев и область

YOUR PERSONAL UNIVERSAL IT-SPECIALIST "SAVDP" I OFFER PROFESSIONAL MANUFACTURE AND PROMOTION OF YOUR SITE ON 1 PAGE Google and Yandex! 1. I will make a beautiful, convenient and fast website for your business. 2. Professionally promote your site on 1 page Google, Yandex and other search engines in a stable manner. The closer the site is to 1 page, the more likely it is that your potential customers will see it by searching for keywords and phrases in the region you need! 3. + I’ll generate tens of thousands of e-mail addresses of potential clients for your business from the Internet - I’ll complete the base and make an effective advertisement distribution. 4. + Manually register and place your advertising on portals, forums, message boards and in social networks. 5. + I will clean your computer from viruses, ransomware and ransomware. CONSIDER OFFER from a private person or company • I will consider an offer from a private person or company (the country does not matter) for professional cooperation on a long-term basis in the position of your personal universal IT specialist "SAVDP" - CA / SEO-Web Designer-Programmer. • Actual employment is not essential. • Long-term cooperation - welcome. • Salary and payment methods are agreed upon in a lively dialogue. • Send me a quick message from my website web-master-smirnov.com or simply write to my mail sm@web-master-smirnov.com and I will contact you at any time convenient for you. AND ON WHICH PAGE IS YOUR SITE in Google and Yandex for key phrases in the search? For example: Your business is selling violets in N. Anyone who wants to buy violets in N drives one of the key phrases into a Google search: "buy violets N" or "violets buy in N" or "buy violets cheap N" Google shows search results starting from 1 page. And if your site is on 1 page - the chances that a potential buyer will visit your site are maximum! If on page 2 - already less. Etc... Why pay for ineffective advertising and keep a crowd of employees? Take advantage of my services! CONTACT: You can send me a quick message from the site, and I will contact you at a convenient time for you: Web-Site: web-master-smirnov.com Email: sm@web-master-smirnov.com Telegram: @WebMasterSmirnov WhatsApp for messages: +380958283913 Call: +38 0673367844

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